Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Books for the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone.  Its officially 2012! 
I have some huge news. 
The schedule is already packed with deadlines for the coming months. 
First off is a new Children's Chapter book set of releases.  Both Shark and Selkie: Seas of Bisclona and The Tale of Tomte the Lar Nisse will be coming in the first quarter of this year. 
Following after that will be a new novel that is something entirely new and for young readers. 
It has been a long time coming but the Adventures of a little girl with a curious name is coming soon. 
It is not part of the Lily Ithica Series but it does feature locations and characters from the Enchanted Lands of Bisclona Series.  It is a one off, so its not part of the Lily plots.  But it is one of the 12 planned books in that series.  I aleady think it will be a fantastic way to further introduce the world of Bisclona to readers and I can't wait to finish it. 
Later in the year I have the sequel to the Vampire series Everlasting Night, A Bite Is Forever Part 2, due in October 2012. 
Also, a further shock is that the novel for my private detective Nora Shamus is shaping up and will release sometime this year as well. 
I can't believe how busy this year is going to be.  But I feel this is the only way to approach the coming year. 
Make your way into the future or let inactivity spell disaster.