Friday, November 18, 2011

So the holidays are near. And Darby's First Christmas in Bisclona is here!

We are back in the Valley of the Sturdy Woods for our second Chapter Book Adventure.  It's nearing Christmas in the Enchanted Lands as humans and magical creature alike are busy preparing for grand feasts.   It's Darby's first Christmas and she is on her own while her best friends Alexander and Skye are celebrating with family and friends.  She must learn the proper way to deal with the giving spirit of Christmas in Bisclona or miss out on everything.  Will she succeed or just find herself stuck in her worst trouble yet. 

The good news is you can already find out how Darby's adventure ends.  Darby's First Christmas in Bislcona is out a full month earlier than expected and is available on sale for $5.99 on both the Amazon Kidle and the Barnes and Noble/ Books a Million Nook E readers. 

We are extremely excited for the release of the book.  While it should be a full week before the paperback edition hits shelves you can already enjoy the journey Darby takes while learning the difference between Earth's Christmas and the way its celebrated in Bisclona. 
Check it out.

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