Saturday, October 23, 2010

The First Adventure of Lily Ithica

The First Adventure of Lily Ithica is the title of the first major book release for author Scott Alexander Baker.  Graduate of the University of South Carolina with a degree in Classical Studies, Comparitive Literature, Religion, History, and Arts; Scott has been writing fiction and non-fiction works for over twenty years.  The First Adventure of Lily Ithica marks his first foray into strcitly long version fantasy or children's Literature.  He is a proud father of two and has been married for nearly ten years to his loving wife. 

This book is the first true girl's adventure story and is a book that can be enjoyed by anyone of any age and background.  It is an intensely dangerous and funny tale with marvels at every page and characters that will make you laugh, cry, and cringe. 

Lily Ithica is a young girl who comes from a struggling family.  She endures the stresses of her country's bad economy and the problems it has brought to her family.  She wants to be an individual but must keep a low profile around her unemployed mother and father who is moving job to job.  She gets no relief from her siblings, the twin brother and sister, who bully and harass Lily to no end for being a quiet book reading dork!
Facing incredible odds Lily must find how to overcome her own self imposed obstacles and to forget her troubles.  She must learn to be who she wants to be and accept that even her mistakes shape who she is.  Not trying to live her own life is just as much a failure as anything she can do. 
Lily meets incredible creatures and visits unbelievable places on her first adventure into the fanastic world of Bisclona. 

This site will be the home of the The First Adventure of Lily Ithica and the author Scott Alexander Baker up to the book's release and directly after. 
We hope you we stay with us as we track the progress of the book and let curious readers get a few curious glimpses into the world Lily finds herself completly consumed with.

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