Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Everlasting Night Series Book 1: A Bite is forever

The life of mortal man is riddled with regret.  The life of an immortal vampire is filled with discovery.   A simple camping trip changes the lives of four friends forever.  An ancient Lord is risen.  He seeks a rejuvination and yearns to take in everything the modern world has to offer.  A tricky thing to do for a vampire that has been asleep since the signing of the Articles of Confederation. 
Alexander is a shy and reserved young man.  He secertly loves his childhood friend Lena, who teases him inscessantly.  
A meal selection sends him spiraling out of his own world and into a blood filled future. 
A magnificent estate, an american castle, and a series of unbelievable transformations take the reader on an undying journey in the age of hunters. 
A bite is forever is a tale full of awakening, sauciness, betrayal, suspense, terror, and surprise. 
The world of vampires you thought you knew is not what it seemed.  Everything seems so clear now.  You will learn to love and fear the beast.  They will strike fear in your very soul and make your heart soar. 
But will Alexander survive?  Will Lena ever change her ways?  Will Alexander learn to love another without conditions?  And will Dartan ever cease seeking to ruin his old apprentice?

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